God’s Light Brings Victory

I have been pondering about John 14:30 “I will no longer talk much to you, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing (no power and no claim) in Me.” Jesus Christ, our example was sinless. We are sinners saved by grace. We can overcome our challengers and worldly circumstances daily as we focus our eyes on Jesus. He is holy and we need to be holy. Proverbs 20: 27 “The Lords lamp sheds light on a person’s life, searching the innermost parts.” Allow His lamp to search your heart and mind today and to expose hidden sin. Forgive others and repent of your sins, so that demonic claims on your life can be removed. We ministered to a lady a few months ago. This is her testimony afterwards: “God really operated in my brain and set me free. All of a sudden I have structure in everything I do, and no more scattered – mindedness. I haven’t had a migraine or headache since and I cope much better with everything. Praise the King.” I want to encourage you to stand firm and to pursue holiness.

2 thoughts on “God’s Light Brings Victory

  1. Danie Henning

    Awesome, You planted the seed, Hallelujah and Amen and Amen.

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